[Techteam] New F14-arm build os31

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Sun Jul 31 19:22:06 EDT 2011

> > > Physics: probably no binaries in egg, we must try with package pybox2d
> >
> > Yes, very likely. I'll need some help re-building the eggs if we want
> this fixed from inside the activity. It could also be olpcgame/pygame
> related? Any other pygame based activities you know of working?
> >
> >> I could not try with 1.75 yet, but in xo 1.5, I removed the egg in the
> activity and installed pybox2d package and the activity worked ok. In Pippy
> we need do a few changes.
> Thanks, that gives me an idea. I could add a simple check to see if a
> version of pybox2d is already installed and then not add the locally
> included module version to the python search path.
> Regards,
> --Gary
 Good idea, tell me if you need help testing.

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