Removing linux-firmware from the build [Devel Digest, Vol 65, Issue 52]

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at
Thu Jul 28 16:08:27 EDT 2011

> From: Daniel Drake <dsd at>
> To: OLPC Devel <devel at>
> Subject: Removing linux-firmware from the build
> Hi,
> linux-firmware, the package that puts lots of stuff in
> /lib/firmware,
> is growing and growing and is mostly irrelevant for us,
> including
> firmware for (e.g.) SCSI controllers.
> I'm considering removing it - nothing in the XOs uses
> firmware from
> that package. (our wireless firmware comes from other
> packages)
> The question is, do any external devices used by our users
> pull on
> firmware from this directory? Browsing the contents, I
> doubt it, but I
> thought I'd ask anyway. I may also just remove it from the
> builds as
> an experiment, see if anything breaks.
> Thanks,
> Daniel

For what is worths, with the increasing size of the builds I had posted [1] a crude script I was using to remove dri, firmware, extra locales and 256x256 ions (61Mb worth on os874) which people used, and I did not hear any complains, yet ;).

Going back to the issue of size, it would appear that in os1 tmpfs size (114MB)  is subtracted from the available storage. 
Thus even if os1 is ~660MB the free space is only 270MB, since /dev/ubi0_0 is only 898MB instead on 1024M (for mtdblok0) in os874.
Is this something specific to ubifs or a configuration issue?


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