Registering to XS stable FC9 0.6 with XO stable FC14 11.2.0

Samuel Greenfeld greenfeld at
Sun Jul 24 23:44:02 EDT 2011

My guess would be it seems to depend on the schoolserver, at least from a
sampling of two schoolservers. was filed because 11.2.0 XOs would not
register to a schoolserver I was running that 10.1.3 XOs historically have
had no issues with.  The error message provided would seem to match what you
are reporting.

In general 11.2.0 has been marked as a "preview" release, especially due to
collaboration issues.  But if you entered the schoolserver's FQDN in the
Control Panel (i.e. "", not as a URL), that should
have allowed collaboration over Jabber to mostly work.

On Sun, Jul 24, 2011 at 9:36 PM, Anna <aschoolf at> wrote:

> I was trying out 11.2.0 and attempted to register to my XS 0.6.  Sugar gave
> me "Registration Failed. Cannot connect to the server."
> However, when I open Browse and click on the "Local schoolserver" link, I
> get my XS homepage.  When I ping schoolserver, the XO knows the schoolserver
> is at
> I can manually connect to Jabber over the LAN when I go to XO Guy -> My
> Settings -> Network -> Collaboration and enter in my XS URL.  But I can't
> see "XO Guys" in my network neighborhood.  I tested Chat and it works if I
> invite the FC14 XO from another machine and then click the chat invitation
> on the FC14 XO, but obviously that is not ideal.
> To be sure I didn't jack up something on my XS, I tested registration from
> a freshly flashed FC11 OS860.  Worked fine, saw "XO Guys" and all that.
> The XOs have cooperated great with XS 0.6 up until the FC14 11.2.0 build.
> Are there known issues or workarounds that I've missed?
> Has anyone been able to register to XS 0.6 with an XO running 11.2.0?
> Anna Schoolfield
> Birmingham
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