Registering to XS stable FC9 0.6 with XO stable FC14 11.2.0

Anna aschoolf at
Sun Jul 24 21:36:12 EDT 2011

I was trying out 11.2.0 and attempted to register to my XS 0.6.  Sugar gave
me "Registration Failed. Cannot connect to the server."

However, when I open Browse and click on the "Local schoolserver" link, I
get my XS homepage.  When I ping schoolserver, the XO knows the schoolserver
is at

I can manually connect to Jabber over the LAN when I go to XO Guy -> My
Settings -> Network -> Collaboration and enter in my XS URL.  But I can't
see "XO Guys" in my network neighborhood.  I tested Chat and it works if I
invite the FC14 XO from another machine and then click the chat invitation
on the FC14 XO, but obviously that is not ideal.

To be sure I didn't jack up something on my XS, I tested registration from a
freshly flashed FC11 OS860.  Worked fine, saw "XO Guys" and all that.

The XOs have cooperated great with XS 0.6 up until the FC14 11.2.0 build.
Are there known issues or workarounds that I've missed?

Has anyone been able to register to XS 0.6 with an XO running 11.2.0?

Anna Schoolfield
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