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Carlos Nazareno object404 at
Sat Jul 23 01:06:26 EDT 2011

>You can see the contents of thumb
> drives and SD cards as a hierarchical file system instead of as imitating
> the Journal.  You can copy files into the Journal from anywhere on the file
> system.  It is my idea of what the Journal should be like.  You can check it
> out here:

*thank god*

I'm sorry, I don't mean to ruffle any feathers, but the flat journal
is a really broken model when you stick in a USB stick with 2000+
files in heirarchical directories and you want to copy files to XO's
journal (like ebook pdfs).

It just becomes plain unusable.

It's fine when you have a few files on your USB stick, but if it's a
USB stick that's in common use with hundreds of files and you just
want to sneakernet a few files to XOOS-Sugar from one machine to the
XO, it's a real pain (so much so that I just backed up the contents of
my USB stick, deleted everything except the files I wanted to transfer
to XO-Sugar, then did the transer).

Telling people to just use the command line or midnight commander is
not a solution, it's a hack because you're breaking out of the sugar
model/system. The better solution would be something like the above,
an alternate file browser that's a native sugar app.


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