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Hi Gary,

	Complicated! ;)
	As to why there is no 'don't save', well a couple of points:
	1) the Journal was designed to be a log of activity not just a flat list of saved data files, it would be great to have more interesting metadata auto stored (e.g. length of time spent in activity, 	number of times resumed), and/or to be able to better encourage the child to write short descriptions about what they were doing for later review (e.g. "I searched google for cool pictures of 	sharks with lasers, for my school essay, but didn't find one I liked.").
Yes, in theory. I am Uruguayan. I have seen thousands of XO .. No one uses the journal that way, the little disk space (1 GB 400 MB are available) and when you have hundreds of entries, and begins to complicate, to walk slower. And the problem of "find nothing" is repeated often. Cause: You may need to teach children the proper use of labels. But the kids out of an activity and never notice that ... I have come across many machines you have to reflash because it does not leave or enter the newspaper to delete things (in old sugar images, in this new I not do a stress test) ...
	2) The naming dialogue was added as an opportunity for the child to provide a useful name, description and tags when they stop a new activity instance. The activity state will very likely have 	been already automatically stored in the Journal (e.g. activity state is stored in the Journal whenever you switch views). So the 'don't save' button would really be an 'erase this entry from the 	journal' button.
Changing the implementation of the saved, change this too
	FWIW, there is already an accepted design for dropping this naming dialogue (at least one deployment has already removed it from their builds) as the psychology of a user who has just clicked 	'Stop' is one of "get me out of here, I want to do something else now", not "I would like to describe what I was just doing", most folks seem to skips past the dialogue as fast as they can, 	annoyed/distracted by the interruption. The replacement design is a system wide 'detail view' dialogue (similar features as per the current Journal details view) that can be opened at the users 	discretion while working in an activity.
"most folks seem to skips past the dialogue as fast as they can, annoyed/distracted by the interruption"Yes, I'm agree. Also is annoying is to have the obligation (not freedom) the save something ..
For example, when I use the Activity Maze, entered to play at level 1. When I return to the entrance that, start in 1! That's the point? Many of the activities create an entry "habit", butbear no relevant information, and generate an endless list of meaningless entries(knowing that no labels are used). In addition, save the entries as a record of what thechild does (one kind of blog, journal) in practice is not viable .. Maybe I'm wrong ..
	Thanks for taking the time to write some feedback, hope the above was of some help.
	Regards,	--Gary


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On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 8:04 PM, Alan Jhonn Aguiar Schwyn <alanjas at hotmail.com> wrote:

I'm down the new version ...

When you leave an activity, a window appears that asks the name of the journal entry..

Is like this? (capture01.png)

Why is not this? (capture02.png)

God question.
What is your idea about the X icon?

Do not close the activity? 

There are times when I accidentally close one activity and think about this.
Close the activity without saving?

Some activities don't save any relevant information in the journal...

All the time, I used an activity, exit of it, click on the 'tick' button to
save the entry in the journal and need to delete it...

If one activity does not save relevant information and save to the Journal,
is a bug in the activity. Can you point to the failing activities?

Is important remember the window is opened only when you start a new instance
of the activity and by default you restart the last instance.

Give to the users the freedom to save or not the entry, as in any system...

I think in this... It's possible? A very small change...


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> Subject: 11.2.0 release notes ready for review
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> Hi,
> The 11.2.0 release notes are now ready for review by the OLPC team and
> by any other interested contributors:
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Release_notes/11.2.0

> Feedback needed quickly, as the release is imminent.
> cheers
> Daniel
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