Content Proposal, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Tue Jul 12 08:35:23 EDT 2011

Hi Chris,
Do you have a list of languages with PDF versions?
These languages do not have a html version in the site?
Also, in a random testing I found the Guarayo page is empty, may be is my
fault, or did not have HTML version.
At last, for me would be best if the european languages apeear in the same
table than the other languages.
And may be where we have a sound version, include the player in the same
page with the text.
In this way you can hear and read the text at the same time.


On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 11:07 PM, Chris Leonard <cjlhomeaddress at>wrote:

> All,
> With assistance from Gonzalo on the texts and good advice from dsd and
> Cerlyn on downsampling OGG files I've managed to build this content
> bundle and trim it down to 17.3 MB.
> The texts and the English, Simple English and Spanish OGG files are
> self-contained, other voice files and the teacher's guide PDFs are
> external links.
> Please try out this bundle and consider it for inclusion in the
> distributed OLPC content library.  Let me know if there are any
> questions.
> cjl
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