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FYI.  We are hosting PO files for AbiWord and helped improve L10n for a few
langs, hopefully more will be improved or completed for 2.9.2.



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AbiWord 2.9.1 released!

AbiWord v2.9.1 is the first public development release towards the next
stable AbiWord version, AbiWord v3.0.0. In addition to hundreds of bug
fixes, this release contains a number of exciting new features. We
invite users and developers to try and test this release. Please note
however that we do not consider it ready for production use yet.

We'd like to thank all the developers, translators, users, testers, and
everyone else who have spent so much of their free time on improving
AbiWord. Thanks for making this great release possible!

Please read the full release notes at:


Happy testing!

 The AbiWord development team
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