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On Mon, June 27, 2011 6:11 am, Samuel Klein wrote:
> Air Jaldi seems to maintain one of the larger rural wifi neworks, in
> the Indian mountains.
> Has anyone heard of people who have attended one of their summits?

Yes, OneVillage Foundation is strongly interested and some of their
people, including Joy Tang, the founder, have attended a summit. I also
know Tim Pozar of BAWUG (Bay Area Wireless User Group). Clif Cox of SFNET
designed a wireless system implemented across Bhutan to provide e-mail
service to valleys with no roads coming in. I could also put you in touch
with the NGO that provided wireless service to Fantsuam Foundation in
Nigeria, including its IT school. They replaced a satellite connection
that reportedly cost more than $1700 a month.

The OLPC program requires that somebody solve the general problem of
wireless broadband to the village for every inhabited terrain and climate,
and likewise renewable electric power. The phone companies have gotten the
idea of providing cell service to villages, but not Internet, except in
OLPC partner countries such as Uruguay and Rwanda.

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