GCompris and xo-1

Bastien bastien.guerry at wikimedia.fr
Mon Jan 31 08:55:52 EST 2011

Hi Leonardo,

I'm copying Bruno, the main developer of Gcompris.  He might surely help
with your requests.


Leonardo Rojas <lrojas at eduinnova.com> writes:

> Hello
> First of all, sorry if my english its not very good since its not my
> native languaje. I need to modify some GCompris activies and install
> them on a xo-1 with
> Build number:852       Sugar: 0.84.16     Firmware : Q2E45
> because the teachers dont like all the activities as they are, there
> are some activities that are easy to modify because i can do the
> changes with gcompris administration, like GCompris MissingLetter,
> but for the others i need to recompile them.  I made changes on
> several, like MemoryEnumerate, AlgebraGuesscount, Babymatch and
> others, then i run gcompris, and all the changes are there, the
> activities work as intended but when i try to install them on the xo,
> they dont start, i dont even get the
> Cannot find cached 0sugar-launch implementation. or another error  (i
> know a workaround for the 0sugar-launch imlmentation error, i get
> this error with version 13 of activities mostly, all version 12
> activities run perfect in the xo
> the icon appears then afther a while the activitie close, i tried
> using the  ./bundleit.sh and  using setup.py, tried using GCompris
> 9.5 then Gcompris 9.3 (modifying the source files from the activities
> that come in that GCompris version)
> So my question is, someone knows how to compile and install a
> modified GCompris activity in this xo?, really need help plz, im
> suposed to have them installed and working on the xo next week.
> sorry for the inconvenience
> thx, bye
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