Feature requests for 11.2.0 - seeking deployment and community input

John Gilmore gnu at toad.com
Wed Jan 26 20:01:34 EST 2011

> Please post any ideas here, and they'll be considered when we come to
> plan which features we'll aim to include.

Well, the obvious one is to actually implement the real idle suspend
that happens in between keystrokes, turning off the CPU to save massive
amounts of power, while keeping the screen as it was.  This was
targeted for 9.1.0:


but it isn't clear how many of the numerous "requirements" actually
got done.  This particular bit is "requirement 15" in the "Improved
battery life" feature.

This is one of the laptop's key innovations, designed to save massive
power, allowing kids to use their laptops all day, even with the small
and cheap battery that's designed in.  It required significant
rethinking, engineering, and testing of the hardware (DCON, etc)
compared to other laptops, and OLPC actually did that.  And yet to
this day the software that would implement it for end users has never
been delivered.


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