power management overview page on the wiki

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Fri Jan 21 16:15:19 EST 2011

i wanted to put up a page about powerd on the wiki (a little overdue,
i know), and i realized that it wasn't really clear where i should put

to that end, i've searched out all the obvious pages i could find related
to XO power management, and grouped them all under:
which is now linked from the main Software page.

as you'll see, some of the pages referenced there are fairly ancient,
and only get included because of their titles.  conversely, i'm sure
there are other more informative pages that i didn't find which should
be included.  please add them if you know of any.

there are also probably some other obvious pages missing.  feel free
to point those out too.  :-)


p.s. the powerd page is here:  http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Powerd
most of it was cribbed directly from a message i sent to the linux-pm
list last summer.
 paul fox, pgf at laptop.org

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