The old xs-livecd is the new olpc-xs-builder

David Farning dfarning at
Fri Jan 21 10:52:52 EST 2011

On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 2:45 PM, Martin Langhoff
<martin.langhoff at> wrote:
> The XS build tools have not used the livecd toolchain for a long time
> -- so the name is not appropriate. Time for a rename (and repo reorg).
> While not as modular and elegant as olpc-os-builder, we do have a
> collection of tools and configs that, operated correctly, build XS
> isos for installation. This can be useful to prepare a custom
> auto-intalling iso with preconfigured settings.
> I've updated wiki links to the old repo, and added a stub
Would it be sane and possible to extend olpc-os-builder to build XS isos?

I ask because nearly every deployment that uses school servers
modifies them.  Extending olpc-os-builder would result in up front
developer effort, but would result in a reduction of learning for
deployment personal.

I am not asking you to do it.  Just wondering if it would sane and possible:)


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