advantage of full linux over android for OLPC

Carlos Nazareno object404 at
Tue Jan 18 02:05:41 EST 2011

While browsing the new slashdot coverage on OLPC, there was a very
good point made regarding Android vs. full Linux:

There's no JRE/JDK running on Android, so that's a plus for not
switching to Android, given that so many cool stuff is being
taught/done in Java. (i.e. )

It also locks out university students/scholars (who are in need of
low-cost affordable laptops for education too) and budding students
who want to learn computer science.

XO machines should also be capable of being dev machines that are
capable of building apps for the XO (both for students and adult
content creators (teachers, volunteers)), instead of just "consumer"
machines like the iPad & Android devices. (developing apps for
different platforms using Android devices still seems some ways off)

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