OLPC XO 1.75 GPU question

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Mon Jan 10 20:05:12 EST 2011


   > Or will the XO 1.75 not support 3D at all? (which would
   > presumably save power and make the battery last longer)

We're still trying out to work this out with the vendor, but I think
this is the most likely outcome -- that the binary blob for 3D will
be out there somewhere, but we won't distribute it.  This would be
the same situation as for XO-1.5.

   > I am curious because this is the first device with ARM and a 3D
   > GPU that I know of that is being made by an organization where
   > openness is a stated goal of the project and (on the surface)
   > that seems to conflict with the highly proprietary nature of most
   > vendors in the ARM SOC space.

Tell us about it.  :/

- Chris.
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