Require ".olpc" in rpms in ~/public_rpms/F14?

C. Scott Ananian cscott at
Mon Feb 28 15:54:13 EST 2011

FWIW, the original intent was *only* to allow SRPMS in the dropbox; we were
going to explicitly rebuild the RPMs from the SRPMS in mock and use only the
built RPMs.  In addition to ensuring compliance with licensing provisions,
this was also intended as a developer aid: at the time, it was often easier
to generate a correct patched SRPM from the source than it was to create an
appropriate and up-to-date mock environment for the build, and often
developer RPMs were built in subtly-incompatible environments.  I don't know
if those concerns are still valid at the present time.

Like many things from long ago, the "build from SRPM" feature was incomplete
when it lost its developers.  It might be the proper time to resurrect it,
although perhaps having RPMs which don't match the SRPM isn't a problem any

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