Pending xkeyboard-config OLPC patches

Paul Fox pgf at
Thu Feb 24 13:36:05 EST 2011

martin wrote:
 > In our F11 we shipped a heavily patched rpm for xkeyboard-config.
 > Unfortunately, the rpm was not tagged 'olpc' so we didn't spot it as a
 > custom rpm, and the git repo we worked with is hard to figure out
 > patches vs upstream changes.
 > I've spent some time separating
 >  - Our F9 patches (some got dropped)
 >  - F11 SRPM: separating our patches from Fedora's, reapplying dropped patches
 > With this in hand, I've prepared a git repo of upstream
 > xkeyboard-config with 3 interesting branches.
 >  - v1.5-olpc - these are the patches from the keyboard-data repo, plus
 > the patches we dropped from F9. Paul, could you give this a quick
 > check?

i'll cut to the chase and say that i'm completely confused by what's
happened, or not happened, and by what you've done to make it better. 
in other words, it's probably all fine.  ;-)

i'm not sure what "a quick check" means in this case.  i'm sure the
rebasing process was as accurate as any diffing or eyeballing i can do
now, and from experience, the only reliable way to find bugs in the
keyboard maps is to try every key on every keyboard.  i no longer have
the machines necessary to do that testing.

what i don't understand from your messages so far re: keyboards is,
what exactly is wrong?  which keys, on which keyboards, for which
languages, don't work?

 >  - v1.9-rebase - rebase of our patchseries for v1.9 (which we ship for F14)
 >  - post-2.1-rebase - rebase of our patchseries on today's master
 > all at

when i try and clone this repo, it seems to work fine until the very
end, then says:
  warning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout.
and i get no content.  the web view, of course, is working fine.


 > My intention is to
 >  - talk with upstream (Hi Sergey!) about the patches in post-2.1-rebase
 >  - prep patched rpms for F11 and F14, tracking both in fedpkg-style
 > - these rpms will
 > be tagged olpc
 > m
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 >  martin.langhoff at
 >  martin at -- Software Architect - OLPC
 >  - ask interesting questions
 >  - don't get distracted with shiny stuff  - working code first
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