Pending xkeyboard-config OLPC patches

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Thu Feb 24 12:50:52 EST 2011

In our F11 we shipped a heavily patched rpm for xkeyboard-config.
Unfortunately, the rpm was not tagged 'olpc' so we didn't spot it as a
custom rpm, and the git repo we worked with is hard to figure out
patches vs upstream changes.

I've spent some time separating

 - Our F9 patches (some got dropped)
 - F11 SRPM: separating our patches from Fedora's, reapplying dropped patches

With this in hand, I've prepared a git repo of upstream
xkeyboard-config with 3 interesting branches.

 - v1.5-olpc - these are the patches from the keyboard-data repo, plus
the patches we dropped from F9. Paul, could you give this a quick
 - v1.9-rebase - rebase of our patchseries for v1.9 (which we ship for F14)
 - post-2.1-rebase - rebase of our patchseries on today's master

all at

My intention is to

 - talk with upstream (Hi Sergey!) about the patches in post-2.1-rebase
 - prep patched rpms for F11 and F14, tracking both in fedpkg-style - these rpms will
be tagged olpc

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