Sugar - wish it could clean up multiple windows per session

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Thu Feb 24 02:44:31 EST 2011

> Sugar expects that activities
> create _one_ window during their lifetime.

I've had good luck launching various Linux applications from Terminal.
But many of these applications open *more* than one window.  It is less
of a problem starting from sugar-0.90 (multiple windows can co-exist on
the same screen) - but from time to time an application might terminate
yet leave behind an ICON in the frame (top edge, right half).

The result can be non-functional gray circles in frame.  Or worse -- an
icon put up by the application onto which Sugar has affixed a palette
with only the word 'Starting' -- I've encountered some of those which
*never* timed out -- that palette should include an 'Exit this' entry.

It is all well and good to expect that "leftover crumbs" should be taken
care of *automatically*.  But I'm a believer in letting the *user*
decide "enough is enough".  I WISH that there were a way for the user to
explicitly get rid of unwanted created-for/by-an-application icons in
frame (and thereby also destruct the represented window).


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