Jon Nettleton jon.nettleton at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 23:37:42 EST 2011

>> With the new display drivers, youtube videos at 320p are very
>> watchable.  You will get occasional glitches due to CPU constraints
>> but generally quite smooth.
> Sorry - I disagree.
> Just went and watched the "2011 NBA All-Star Game Mini Movie" clip:
> Side by side on XO (Browse-120) with driver
> xorg-x11-drv-chrome-5.74.33-2.fc14.i686 and on desktop system (Firefox)
> - both presenting that video clip at 360p.

What are the specs on the desktop?  Flash video is all done via
software rendering.  We are still limited by being 1ghz and with a
very small cache.  You are also testing worst case scenario which is
full motion running all the time.

> On the desktop, the clip is SMOOTH and continuous.  On the XO, the clip
> exhibits "video interruptions" -- more frequently than I like the images

Are you on youtube without any ad-blocking software?  youtube is
loading more flash ads on the sides of the screen throughout the video
playback.  This is probably where you see the screen 'stay' still, not
a playback option, just a limit of the computers capabilities.

> shown "stay still" for a brief instant, then "jump" to their current
> positions.  To me, the effect on the XO aggregates to UNSMOOTH.

Playing just a pure flash 360p video is smooth and possible.


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