GNOME-only installs

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sat Feb 19 00:25:59 EST 2011

>    > The Sugar interface has provided distinctive user-control
>    > facilities such as the Home View ring (to launch what the user
>    > wants to do) and the Neighborhood View (to launch how the user
>    > wants to communicate).
>    > 
>    > Is ticket 10704 an indication that One Laptop Per Child will in
>    > the future be heading towards dispensing with such Sugar-only
>    > interfaces ?

> I'm not following the logic.  The Home View lets you launch programs
> in Sugar, and the menu bar lets you launch programs in GNOME.

I guess I have to spell out my concern - the subject matter is going to
"GNOME-only installs".  __IF__ the GNOME menu bar is enough for users to
launch programs -- then why bother having a Home View -- dispense with
it -- let GNOME-menus become the direction where OLPC is heading.

[I listed two interfaces that Sugar provided that I thought were useful
and clever -- but if "distinctive" gets seen as a drawback, to me that
seems a move in the direction of the lowest common denominator.]

> (To give a more straightforward answer:  "No.")

Good.  To me, the OLPC is not "just a small Linux system".


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