GNOME-only installs

Chris Ball cjb at
Fri Feb 18 20:30:25 EST 2011


   > The Sugar interface has provided distinctive user-control
   > facilities such as the Home View ring (to launch what the user
   > wants to do) and the Neighborhood View (to launch how the user
   > wants to communicate).
   > Is ticket 10704 an indication that One Laptop Per Child will in
   > the future be heading towards dispensing with such Sugar-only
   > interfaces ?

I'm not following the logic.  The Home View lets you launch programs
in Sugar, and the menu bar lets you launch programs in GNOME.  The
Neighborhood View lets you configure networking in Sugar, and the
NetworkManager applet lets you configure networking in GNOME.

The Control Panel lets you disable idle-suspend in Sugar, but
there's no functional analog in GNOME, so we're fixing that.
Nothing further is implied.

(To give a more straightforward answer:  "No.")

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>
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