NANDblaster failing

Sridhar Dhanapalan sridhar at
Fri Feb 11 00:24:37 EST 2011

On 11 February 2011 16:16, Sridhar Dhanapalan <sridhar at> wrote:
> I am seeing NANDblaster (nb-secure) fail after some time (from my
> tests, anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour).
> The text was scrolling very fast (screenshots attached), but I think it was:
>  SDHCI: Error: ISR = 8000 ESR = 3 Command CRC, Command Timeout,
>  Command reg: 341a Mode reg: 0 Arg reg: 10000a00
>  Recon: commands (decimal): 52 52 52 52 52 52 52 52
>  Stopping
> This same error seems to be repeating itself rapidly.
> This is an XO-1.5 with Q3A62 firmware. The secure image I am flashing
> is 10.1.3-au2-rc5.
> The receiving XOs are fine until the error occurs on the sender. On
> one occasion, I tried blasting to 3 XOs. The first finished properly,
> and the sender continued to broadcast. The other two spat the dummy
> right after the sender failed. I am thrown to the ok prompt with the
> message "Page Fault".
> I have added screenshots and video in our bug report:
> Is there any way we can manage this? It's quite urgent that we have a solution.

Would it be fair to conclude that the problem lies with the sending XO
hardware/firmware? Would it help if I tried blasting a different
build, or using nb-update instead of nb-secure?

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