Proposal for new frozen repositories server

Daniel Drake dsd at
Mon Feb 7 12:38:45 EST 2011

On 7 February 2011 17:23, Michael Stone <michael at> wrote:
> Dan,
> If I recall correctly, the old system was designed with a couple of goals in
> mind including:
>  a) to help OLPC meet its GPL obligations to offer source code for the
>     binaries it has distributed
>  b) to lessen the risk of schedule slippage due to Fedora downtime (e.g.,
>     resulting from security incidents or hardware failures),
>  c) to establish other conditions necessary for build reproducibility, (like
>     knowing what packages went into each build), and
>  d) to lessen the risk of undetected build data corruption (at rest or in
>     transit) due to Murphy
> Are these still goals that you're trying to meet?
> (It's a little bit hard for me to tell from your proposal.)

Thanks for stating the goals - I will document them as part of this project.

I had not considered them explicitly like that, but at the same time
I'm intentionally trying avoid large changes to the system. I don't
feel like any of them have been lost in the proposal.

After re-reading Scott's mail I added a couple of points here, which I
missed the first time:

I also made the addition of offering rsync:// to the koji. repos.


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