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Mon Feb 7 12:13:32 EST 2011

Thanks for the quick responses!! I know there are new Fedora spins coming
soon which I suppose would be more complete since Fedora 12 is relativetely
old and ARM is getting quite a lot of attention.

I just wanted to try the Fedora ARM experience as it is right now and Sugar
if it was possible.

I'll test this RPM and see how it goes. Thanks Chris!

The F13 beta would also be interesting as a later test. I'll try and get a
new uSD card so I don't lose the F12 I installed.


2011/2/7 Chris Ball <cjb at>

> Hi,
>   > Specifically, the xapian-bindings-python package is missing
>   > (apparently sugar-datastore requires it). This package is not
>   > available for ARM architecture.
> Here's the RPM I built for it for our XO-1.75 builds:
> - Chris.
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> Chris Ball   <cjb at>
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