[OLPC Engineering] [Techteam] New F14-arm build os21

Sridhar Dhanapalan sridhar at laptop.org.au
Wed Dec 21 19:52:09 EST 2011

On 22 December 2011 11:32, Sridhar Dhanapalan <sridhar at laptop.org.au> wrote:
> On 22 December 2011 11:23, Martin Langhoff <martin.langhoff at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Do you have any other end-user use cases that have Ctrl-Alt-Erase as a
>> solution?
> I'll check with our education team and get back to you. This is a very
> valuable discussion to have!

Some scenarios from our Education Manager:

- When an activity freezes
- When an activity stalls during loading
- When an activity does something strange - e.g. sound doesn't work, journal
entry doesn't load properly
- During collaboration (this is a big one!). e.g. one person sees
interactions but the other isn't able to - just never completely loads, or
connection is never properly established, or it's just behaving

I think the goal should be to make Sugar more robust so that these
scenarios don't happen.


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