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Marek Vasut marek.vasut at
Mon Dec 12 10:37:20 EST 2011

> On Dec 12, 2011, at 10:13 AM, Marek Vasut wrote:
> > I received an XO1.75 at arm kernel summit. I'd like to hack on it some
> > more, though I don't have the JTAG dongle for it. Is it possible to get
> > one somewhere  ?
> There are only one or two JTAG dongles for the XO-1.75 in existence, and
> nobody actually uses them for development (using them requires a Windows
> machine and software from Marvell).

I know, I don't have problem with that. I worked on PXA3xx port of U-Boot and 
maintain u-boot-pxa etc.

> What exactly do you want to do ?

Port u-boot to the device.
> In general, we use Open Firmware to completely re-install the OS onto the
> laptop (as in "I just hosed the kernel on the eMMC and it refuses to
> boot.)

Exactly, I'd prefer to replace the software from bottom up.
> You can copy a new kernel into the boot directory in the boot partition
> using Open Firmware, although it is much easier to do this from Linux.

It's not about kernel, I like to do lowlevel stuff. Also, if I was able to debug 
the thing via OpenOCD, that'd be cool. I added PXA3xx support to OpenOCD, I see 
no reason why I won't be able to support A610.

> Another option is to install the OS onto an external SD card, which you can
> then modify (either from the laptop or on another computer).   The
> advantage here is you can always boot from the internal eMMC device (by
> removing the external card, then inserting it after boot) to fix the card.
> A third option is that Open Firmware will gladly install software or boot
> from the wireless network.
> You should have been directed to:
>       and
> We understand that our wiki can be frustrating and obtuse.
> Further information about all of the above kernel installation options can
> be provided, just ask about the one you are most interested in using.
> You should have gotten a serial adapter, which allows you to access the
> serial console on the laptop.  If you didn't, send me an postal address.

Serial console is not a problem, but being able to step through the initial code 
is more important for me ;-)



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