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John Watlington wad at
Mon Dec 12 10:34:04 EST 2011

On Dec 12, 2011, at 10:13 AM, Marek Vasut wrote:
> I received an XO1.75 at arm kernel summit. I'd like to hack on it some more, 
> though I don't have the JTAG dongle for it. Is it possible to get one somewhere  ?

There are only one or two JTAG dongles for the XO-1.75 in existence, and nobody
actually uses them for development (using them requires a Windows machine
and software from Marvell).

What exactly do you want to do ?

In general, we use Open Firmware to completely re-install the OS onto the laptop
(as in "I just hosed the kernel on the eMMC and it refuses to boot.)

You can copy a new kernel into the boot directory in the boot partition using
Open Firmware, although it is much easier to do this from Linux.

Another option is to install the OS onto an external SD card, which you can then
modify (either from the laptop or on another computer).   The advantage here is
you can always boot from the internal eMMC device (by removing the external
card, then inserting it after boot) to fix the card.

A third option is that Open Firmware will gladly install software or boot from
the wireless network.

You should have been directed to:       and

We understand that our wiki can be frustrating and obtuse.
Further information about all of the above kernel installation options can be
provided, just ask about the one you are most interested in using.

You should have gotten a serial adapter, which allows you to access the serial
console on the laptop.  If you didn't, send me an postal address.


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