Help testing Sugar 0.93.x

Simon Schampijer simon at
Wed Aug 31 07:23:15 EDT 2011


we have been landing the features targeted at 0.94 and are currently in 
the phase of fixing bugs related to those features and other changes 
introduced by recent code changes [1]. I have been starting to create 
notes about the Features and changes that have been made [2]. Those will 
evolve over time but should give you a good first impression about the 
recent additions and changes.

There are two olpc builds that contain the latest changes os3 [3] for 
the i686 architecture (XO 1 and XO 1.5) and os41 [4] for the new ARM 

It would be great if people with those hardware (or sugar-jhbuild or 
Fedora 16) could help testing so that we are able to fix bugs in time. 
Bugs related to Sugar and activities should be filed under [5], bugs 
that are related to the new 1.75 hardware (or that are specific to the 
XO hardware) should be filed at [6]. Please make sure to note as well 
the build version and hardware you are using for testing in the bug report.

Please stay tuned for new builds that will be announced on those lists.



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