New F14-arm build os40 - Are we there yet? I'm hungry!

Simon Schampijer simon at
Sat Aug 27 03:59:04 EDT 2011

On 08/26/2011 07:02 PM, Peter Robinson wrote:
> The are we there yet? I'm hungry release
> Lots of change this release... again! So I'll just get to the raw details...

Wonderful! Congrats.


fixed: #11161: Cant alt tab between activities
fixed: #11174: Wlan&FW version no information under "my computer".

Sugar* 0.93.3 made it successfully into the build.

Note: there is no activity updater (Control Panel) in this build. We 
have patched the aslo-based one out of Sugar and the wikipage-based one 
has not been added yet.

Like in 11.2.0 the keyboards section in the CP is removed as well.


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