New F14-arm build os40 - Are we there yet? I'm hungry!

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Fri Aug 26 13:02:55 EDT 2011

The are we there yet? I'm hungry release

Lots of change this release... again! So I'll just get to the raw details...

Download from:

Bugs that should be fixed and need verification:
#11161: Cant alt tab between activities
#11110: 1.75 build needs olpc-netutils
#11154: Ethtool not in build
#11168: Sugar crashes
#10980: olpc-kbdshim must be udev-compatible
#11146: Add bootfw package to 1.75 build
#11109: Gnash for 1.75 ARM needed
#11142: XO-1.75 power button does not trigger shutdown
#11174: Wlan&FW version no information under "my computer".

Changes and notes from OS40:
- sugar 0.93.3
- olpc-powerd-35
- pygobject2-2.21.5-4 (11168)
- bootfw-q4b08
- olpc-utils-
- pygame

In kernel land:

No changes

Activity version changes:
We should now have the right list and the latest and greastest!


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