[OLPC New Zealand] New prototype XO-1.75s in Auckland, New Zealand

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Tue Aug 23 06:57:21 EDT 2011

On Mon, 2011-08-22 at 21:15 +1000, James Cameron wrote:

> > In testing the speakers we found the sound to be scratchy like there
> > are buffer issues.
> That's interesting.  More please?

Speak is the only activity we've which produces sound and works. The
sound is full of clicks. Also the turn on tune sounds different to how I
remember the XO 1.5 but I haven't done a side by side test. There is
something less pleasing about the XO 1.75, but I can't describe it.

Our clicky keyboard unit has some kind of mouse problem. Sometimes, the
mouse jumps, especially when you are holding a button. This was
especially a problem with turtle blocks where you have to hold down the
mouse button and do very fine control to snap things together. Rolling
your finger to move very slowly sometimes causes the mouse to jump
several block heights, rolling it back would cause it go back, but
actually landing on where you need to go is impossible. Release
everything and starting again lets you carry on until next time it
starts jumping.

I haven't yet tried to pin down the intermittent nature (like say a
fraction of the area is faulty) and I haven't noticed any patterns
except that it seems worse while holding down a button (with either the
same or a different hand). The membrane keyboard model does not seem to
have this problem.

Do you have any advice for further diagnosis? Is this a known failure
mode of the XO-1.5 touch pad (I'm assuming the keyboard half is the same
in the 1.5 and the 1.75?)?

We have some XO-1.5 prototypes with wich we could swap the touch pad and
see if the problem follows the touchpad or stays with the 1.75. Is that

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