New prototype XO-1.75s in Auckland, New Zealand

James Cameron quozl at
Mon Aug 22 07:15:57 EDT 2011

On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 09:54:00PM +1200, Tabitha Roder wrote:
> We have just today received 2 of the XO-1.75 prototype B1 without
> touch screen.
> They arrived with a serial adaptor for updating the firmware.
> The documentation is a bit chaotic so it's hard to work out what build
> and firmware should be on it.

I saw the Wiki XO-1.75 page was a bit out of date, as was the XO-1.75 B1
page, but I checked and they looked reasonable at the moment.  Let me
know if there's any other documentation that is lacking, or flag it with
a comment in the Wiki.

> We now have build 36 customised Sugar 0.92.4 and firmware Q4B07 (note
> that the firmware doesn't appear in the "about my computer" ...

This was fixed in Sugar 0.93.2 released last Friday, but it hasn't been
included in a build yet, as far as I can tell.  Check it in the next

> Not sure how the gear button could operate with the clicky keyboard as
> it seems when you push it, the whole key is pressed, not just the gear
> end, ...

Hmm.  I thought it did the same on XO-1 and XO-1.5, in that it closes
the same circuit path ... and to use view source one must combine it
with the fn key.  So view source is effectively fn-space.

> The alternative key glyphs don't work yet.

Yes, please test again when #11135 and #10934 say to do so.  Put your
trac username on the tickets in the CC section and you'll get a mail
when they are changed, hopefully.

> The frame key has moved from top right corner to f6 - a problem for
> the membrane keyboard as the key pictures don't match.

Yes, #11140, and I don't expect it to change, except that once #11135
and #10934 are fixed the frame key in the top right will also work.

> The microphone and camera don't work yet.

Yes.  You will find both will work in OpenFirmware, using "test /audio"
and "test /camera" respectively.  But in Linux they do not.  This is
#10831 for the microphone, and #11129 for the camera, please test again
once they say to do so.  For the camera, you can test with os36 if you
first load the mmp-camera kernel module.

> In testing the speakers we found the sound to be scratchy like there
> are buffer issues.

That's interesting.  More please?

> They boot faster than the XO-1.5 but the activities don't appear to
> load faster, in fact lots fail to start (e.g. physics wont start). The
> activities that fail to start seem to need native libraries -- we see
> lots of missing shared object error messages in the logs.

Yes, #11132 and possibly others.

> Thanks for sending us these to test. We'll watch for any testing
> requests as well as continuing to try things ourselves.

You tend to discover wireless problems well.  I suspect it is something
about your location.  ;-)

There's #11133 open looking for someone to test the wireless
performance, ... I suggest comparing it against XO-1.5, and measuring
bandwidth, latency, signal strength, and compatibility with access

See if you have anyone in your team who might like to explore further,
such as using iperf and other tools.

Or, just see if you can get Sugar activities to collaborate reasonably
well.  I've not tried that yet.

James Cameron

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