New prototype XO-1.75s in Auckland, New Zealand

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Mon Aug 22 07:08:35 EDT 2011

On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 5:54 AM, Tabitha Roder <tabitha at> wrote:
> We have just today received 2 of the XO-1.75 prototype B1 without touch
> screen. They arrived with a serial adaptor for updating the firmware.
> The documentation is a bit chaotic so it's hard to work out what build and
> firmware should be on it. We spent the first few hours testing on an old
> build with old firmware thinking we had updated to the latest. We now have
> build 36 customised Sugar 0.92.4 and firmware Q4B07 (note that the firmware
> doesn't appear in the "about my computer" but does appear on pressing escape
> during startup).
> One has the membrane keyboard and the other has clicky keys The clicky keys
> are very cramped, especially in the bottom right hand corner, and will take
> a while to learn to type on (though probably fine for smaller hands). Not
> sure how the gear button could operate with the clicky keyboard as it seems
> when you push it, the whole key is pressed, not just the gear end, but the
> shift alt v combination does bring up view source.

FN-SPACE is mapped to View Source, hence it doesn't matter where you
click the key. I put the graphic on the left edge of the key because I
a have a predilection for left-justified. Sorry for the confusion.

> The alternative key glyphs don't work yet.
> The frame key has moved from top right corner to f6 - a problem for the
> membrane keyboard as the key pictures don't match.
> The touchpad lets you tap the pad so you don't have to click with the button
> to select.
> The microphone and camera don't work yet. In testing the speakers we found
> the sound to be scratchy like there are buffer issues.
> They boot faster than the XO-1.5 but the activities don't appear to load
> faster, in fact lots fail to start (e.g. physics wont start). The activities
> that fail to start seem to need native libraries -- we see lots of missing
> shared object error messages in the logs.
> Thanks for sending us these to test. We'll watch for any testing requests as
> well as continuing to try things ourselves.

Turtle Art v 114 has an accelerometer block in the sensor palette that
should appear on 1.75 machines. Maybe you could play with it? (It
pushes X, Y, Z values to the stack: you retrieve them with 3
consecutive 'pop' blocks (found on the palette with the gear). The
audio sensors do not yet work on the 1.75.

Portfolio also knows about the 1.75 where it has a hidden feature: if
you hit the left side of your computer, you get the next slide; right
side of your computer, the previous slide.

Note that Measure will launch but does not work yet.



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