New prototype XO-1.75s in Auckland, New Zealand

Tabitha Roder tabitha at
Mon Aug 22 05:54:00 EDT 2011

We have just today received 2 of the XO-1.75 prototype B1 without touch
screen. They arrived with a serial adaptor for updating the firmware.
The documentation is a bit chaotic so it's hard to work out what build and
firmware should be on it. We spent the first few hours testing on an old
build with old firmware thinking we had updated to the latest. We now have
build 36 customised Sugar 0.92.4 and firmware Q4B07 (note that the firmware
doesn't appear in the "about my computer" but does appear on pressing escape
during startup).

One has the membrane keyboard and the other has clicky keys The clicky keys
are very cramped, especially in the bottom right hand corner, and will take
a while to learn to type on (though probably fine for smaller hands). Not
sure how the gear button could operate with the clicky keyboard as it seems
when you push it, the whole key is pressed, not just the gear end, but the
shift alt v combination does bring up view source.
The alternative key glyphs don't work yet.
The frame key has moved from top right corner to f6 - a problem for the
membrane keyboard as the key pictures don't match.
The touchpad lets you tap the pad so you don't have to click with the button
to select.
The microphone and camera don't work yet. In testing the speakers we found
the sound to be scratchy like there are buffer issues.

They boot faster than the XO-1.5 but the activities don't appear to load
faster, in fact lots fail to start (e.g. physics wont start). The activities
that fail to start seem to need native libraries -- we see lots of missing
shared object error messages in the logs.

Thanks for sending us these to test. We'll watch for any testing requests as
well as continuing to try things ourselves.

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