XO 1.5 Solder Reflow in Toaster Oven

Anna aschoolf at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 20:30:43 EDT 2011

A while ago, both my XO 1.5 units from the contributor's program pooped
out.  Wouldn't boot at all.  My friend kevix said he had a similar issue
with his and that it was a solder issue.

I was going to send them back to Holt, but then I read about solder reflow.

So, I took the mobo out of one of the XO 1.5 units, broke it down to just
the board and nothing else, then put it in the toaster.  On a metal pan
supported by four balls of tin foil:  385F for 8 mins.  Put everything back
together and, to my complete and utter astonishment, it booted.  In fact,
I'm typing this email on it now.

My question is, has anyone else ever tried this and, if so, are there more
optimal time/temperature parameters.  I still have the other XO 1.5 unit to
attend to and I'd like to hear some feedback before baking it.

Anna Schoolfield
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