Sugar and GTK updates

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Tue Aug 16 18:28:14 EDT 2011

>> At the moment, the fallback environment is working well on XO-1 in my
>> testing. It's really not that different from before - nothing has
>  - keeping G3 "fallback" desktop, hmm, well tested, in current and
> future Fedoras

Some comments (NOT based on the XO):

Been running Fedora 15 on a desktop.  Was disappointed in G3 "fallback" 
-- it looked like G2, but had nowhere near the configurability of G2.

[I may be wrong, but I got the impression that G3 "fallback" was a 
temporary expedient (to be dropped in future Fedora releases).]

It is likely that computer neophytes will find G3 (or "fallback") 
acceptable -- but G3 itself as originally packaged in Fedora 15 has 
raised such a firestorm among long-time Linux users to in my opinion 
warrant being omitted from mention as a future direction for the XO.


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