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Tue Aug 16 15:04:45 EDT 2011

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 1:32 PM, Kevin Gordon <kgordon420 at> wrote:
> At around $6.75 per unit

Please remember to multiply times 500K -- that's roughly the sizes our
largest deployments deal with. Others clock in at ~60K. Unless you're
offering to fund the move, they might be unimpressed with your
proposal ;-)

To turn this in a more productive direction: to keep XO-1 alive there
are two paths

1 - Keep releasing on an F14 base. Stay on latest GNOME 2.x, perhaps
backport Sugar 0.92~0.96 series pre-Gobject introspection.

2 - Attempt F16, with the "fallback" GNOME 3, or XFCE. Probably needs
extensive testing of the fallback environment.

Either way, there are useful things people can do to improve the
viability of those options, like

 - Test the fallback GNOME3 mode, file bugs (and follow up on them!) upstream.

 - Work to make XFCE or an alternative desktop -viable- on the XO.
Avoid the temptation to bikeshed on your favourite desktop. Focus on
drafting and executing a plan to make it work really well on the XO.
Engage with upstream, hopefully they care. That's what matters.

 - Help us polish the current Sugar series on F14, learn enough to
help keep Sugar working on F14 even as we move forward...

just some thoughts :-)

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