Testers wanted, fast fs-update of os860 (10.1.3)

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Apr 28 04:18:46 EDT 2011

I've sped up fs-update by trimming the .zd file, and I'd like some

You need:

- an XO-1.5, with at least a 4GB microSD card inside,

- a willingness to reinstall 10.1.3, losing what you have stored on the

- my new .zd file [1], or if you have the old .zd file [2] and rdiff, my
  delta file [3].


a.  with my new .zd file [1] on a USB drive or SD card, use fs-update to
install the operating system to the laptop, and take note of how long it
took, (the time is displayed at the end),

	ok fs-update u:os860-sparse.zd

(depending on the filesystem on your USB drive, you may need to rename
the file to comply with file name length limits.  Or use "dir u:" to
find what name OpenFirmware can use for it.)

(the fs-update graphical display of blocks being filled in will show
gaps, which is the whole point of the optimisation.)

b.  reboot and see if things look normal,

c.  with the old .zd file on a USB drive or SD card, run fs-update
again, and take note of how long it took,

	ok fs-update u:os860.zd

d.  identify the microSD card in the laptop,

	ok select int:0
	ok show-cid

e.  report your OpenFirmware version.

Using rdiff to avoid downloading 701MB:

If you have the old .zd file [2], you can download the short 864K delta
and apply it using rdiff:

rdiff signature os860.zd os860.zd.rdiff-signature
wget http://dev.laptop.org/~quozl/fs-update-skip-unused-blocks/os860-sparse.zd.rdiff-delta
rdiff patch os860.zd os860-sparse.zd.rdiff-delta os860-sparse.zd






James Cameron
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