XO-1: Lid close/open

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Tue Apr 26 18:50:08 EDT 2011

What is an XO-1 expected to do when I close the lid, wait a while, and then 
open the lid?

Here is what happens on os16:

When I close the lid, it goes to sleep like I expect.

When I open the lid, nothing happens.
  I was expecting it to wakeup.

If  poke a key or the pad, the power light blinks but it doesn't wakeup.
If I poke the power button, it wakes up.

But the network doesn't come back.
  I was expecting it to reconnect to my AP.

Here is what happens:
  (I had it showing the Network Neighborhood when I closed the lid.)
  It comes back showing no APs and no Mesh circles.
  It blinks the WiFi LED a few times, then shows the Mesh circles.
    Sometimes it shows an AP.
   (I normally have several APs visible.)
  Then it scans for mesh networks.
  Then it blinks again and shows some (more) APs, including mine
  It doesn't reconnect to my AP.  The WiFi LED stays off.
  If I poke my AP, it reconnects.

Should things work if I turn off Mesh networking using:
  echo 0 > /sys/class/net/eth0/lbs_mesh
(There is nothing to connect to here.  All it does is waste time.)

I think NetworkManager got a seg fault last time I tried it.

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