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Jerry Vonau jvonau at
Sun Apr 17 12:54:13 EDT 2011

On Sun, 2011-04-17 at 11:19 -0400, Kevin Gordon wrote:
> Martin and the Gang:
> Since last we spoke, I've been working on this new issue I'd
> mentioned, where when I try to run a bash shell script resident on a
> USB drive inserted into an OS16 OLPC, I  always get "Permission
> Denied".  But now, I'm not sure it's a "bug"; and if so, I'm now
> pretty sure it isn't an OLPC bug.
> Here are the details to reproduce.  Go to terminal on a 10.1.3 Build
> 860, or any build before.  Log in as root (su -)   Write a little
> script - it can be a one liner, "echo Hello World"  is good enough.
> Save it as to a USB stick which has been formatted FAT32 and
> has a volume name FEDORA. Do a "Chmod +x /media/FEDORA/".   One
> can then take that USB stick to any previous-to-Fedora 14 OLPC, and
> execute the script by simply installing the drive, logging into root
> (su -), going to the terminal prompt, and entering
> "/media/FEDORA/", and see the old 'Hello World' come up - not
> "Permission Denied".  One can also tab complete through that command,
> and it sees and auto-completes the portion too,
> So, I tried on a vanilla little lenovo with a fresh unaltered
> installation of the Fedora14 Live-Desktop.  The script runs fine from
> the USB drive.  Then after accepting and installing the 422 recommened
> Software Updates on the box, this box too now gives "Permission
> Denied". I repeated this same procedure twice more with fresh
> installs, then updates.  Very consistent,, works before updates, does
> not work after.
> On the OLPC side, I did a more binary search, and the script continues
> to work right up to and including os5 from the 11.2 builds. At os6,
> and after, is where the Permission Denied starts to occur when
> attempting to execute.  Not surprisingly, and concurrently, the tab
> complete capability on the "" portion ceases to function at
> this point as well.
> Alas, someone upstream might now consider this a feature, not a bug.
> Also, someone upstream might be able to figure out which of those 422
> packages is responsible, if they should care to.

Partial diff between os5.packages.txt os6.packages.txt



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