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On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 1:00 PM, NoiseEHC <NoiseEHC at> wrote:
> What my real question is how is it different from a children owned web
> page, or a "publish at facebook" button?

The Journal should have a "publish to Moodle" (or to Mahara) bit of
glue. Add the ability (in Mahara/Moodle) to discuss those published
items and we're 99% where we want to be.

A static web-page doesn't encourage the interaction we are looking for
-- maybe a blog does. Moodle definitely does.

Facebook does it too, except they care about advertisers, stickiness,
datamining and monetizing. Like many things in life, it's supposedly
appropriate for adults only, and sometimes I wonder if adults can
handle it.


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