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David Van Assche dvanassche at gmail.com
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I''ll probabbly get flamed for this but here goes. These are some of the
resons I dont see oppenDNS are as an alternative to aw filter:

- It it usually to restricitive.... kids or admins can of courrse change
this, but then this becomes pertty mu dansguardian.

- Dansguardian uses Baysian logic to filter out of a lot of the  seriously
otherwise complex keywords/phrases

- I can STILL be uesd with openDNS, to drive down traffic usage

- It i constnantly bein upfated by no only th3 Christian Community agenda,
but muslim and jewish too...

- IT works absolutely fantastically as a standalone program that uses
tinyproxy and firehol and is maintained by a nice small team of devs )8 at
lasst cound)... The whole frontend works fast and efficiently on a number of
netbooks we teeted at guadalnex.ed

- It has a major set of pre-fabricated recipes which will save techers adn
admins tim

So--- of u want to use i with OPNDNS u can, an if u choose satnalone vie js
je ehreason .

On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 5:04 PM, Martin Langhoff
<martin.langhoff at gmail.com>wrote:

> 2011/4/5 Xavier Carcelle <xavier.carcelle at gmail.com>:
> > Sabes si algunas han installado el Dansguardian on un XO directamente
> > para fitrar XO si no hay XS ?
> No, pero hay una tecnica alternativa:
> 1 - Instala tu propio servidor de DNS que "forwardea" a OpenDNS. Tiene
> que tener una IP publica.
> 2 - Al armar la imagen en olpc-os-builder, agrega un script en
> /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d que cuando se establece una conexion
> de red, evalua si esta en la red de la escuela (en ese caso, confia en
> el XS) o fuera de la escuela (en ese caso, ignora el servidor de DNS
> provisto via dhcp y usa el servidor que has instalado en el paso #1


> Puedo ayudarlos con el script del paso #2 :-)
>  -- In English
> for those wanting to provide content filtering both in the school and
> outside, there is a good technique based on running your own DNS
> server...
>  1 - Install your own DNS server (configured with "forwarder" line to
> OpenDNS). Must have a public IP address...
Actually, the Gambas2 interface is pretty neat and allows u to put in as
many utf8 lingos as u like, a la pootle... u just have to put a [ ] within
the word to be tanslated... later,.... gambas actually auto does t for u,
sor of....

>  2 - When building your OS image on olpc-os-builder, add a script in
> /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d -- the script gets called when a
> network connection is established. It must check whether it is in a
> school network (in this case, it trusts the XS to filter) or outside
> (in this case, it ignores the DNS server provided via DHCP, and uses
> instead the DNS server configured in step #1).
> I can help with the script for #2...
Modern versions of XS seem to be moving to using something a little more
hackable than bind.... might be wiorth taking into account...

Kind regards,
David Van Assche,
Tech Specialist

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