New XO 1.5 firmware with MPPT. Please test!

Richard A. Smith richard at
Mon Apr 4 18:05:00 EDT 2011

Attached to this email is q3a62a.rom.  This is a pre-release of new XO 
1.5 firmware with MPPT code enabled.  It is also available at:

We have several sites that are going to be solar only and MPPT makes a 
big difference in to these sites.

Some of these sites are going to be deploying as early as the end of 
this week and they really want to use this firmware.

So I need to get some run hours on this stuff before I make an official 
release and unleash it on the world.  Please test this in whatever 
configuration you use a 1.5 in and report back.


Richard A. Smith  <richard at>
One Laptop per Child
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