Power Mangement XO 1.0

Matías Poloni mpoloni at ieee.org
Fri Apr 1 16:46:34 EDT 2011

I'm trying to reduce power consumption of the XO 1.0. I've notice in this power
distribution scheme<http://wiki.laptop.org/images/e/ef/XO_1.5_PowerDomains_C2.pdf>
it is possible to power off some devices when suspended or running (like the
DCON with the command echo "1" > /sys/devices/platform/dcon/sleep). But I
couldn't find more information related with this issue.
I would like to know weather is possible to reduce power significantly,
turning off things I do not need like keyboard, touchpad, webcam, audio
amp, etc.

Matías Poloni
+598 98867573
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