Power down USB when suspending

Matías Poloni mpoloni at ieee.org
Mon Sep 27 18:46:09 EDT 2010

We are engineer students from Uruguay and we are working on our grade thesis
with a XO-1 olpc laptop. We need to take a photo after resume with a usb
webcam as quick as possible. We already know that the usb is powered down
when suspending and this leads to excesive delay taking a picture after
resume. We can`t find any documentation explaining why it is not possible
not to power down the usb. We`ll be very grateful if you help us with
information related with this issue because we need it for the documentation
of our thesis.

Is there any tip to power up the usb sooner when resuming? Or something to
have a smaller delay?


Matías Poloni
+598 98867573
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