Request for help with adding a driver to build os852

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Wed Sep 29 14:50:07 EDT 2010

> Mikus 
> did you apply the patch in in the
> kernel_xo1.spec? It solves the asm issue.  Patch, recompile the kernel
> install it (including headers and devel) and recompile your driver.

Mavrothal - my point was that I did not want to have to learn all about
git, or all about the mechanics of building the olpc kernel - I figured
it would take me weeks to get up to speed with all that.

If I can possibly avoid it, I'd prefer to not touch the kernel_xo1.spec
myself.  Does the #10297 patch fix the missing 'include/trace' as well ?


p.s.  Note that my problem concerns adding two drivers to os852.  If I
install my own kernel, how do I "backport" the drivers from my kernel to
os852 ?

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