Sugar on Tablet - On Screen Keyboard

Jon Nettleton jon.nettleton at
Wed Sep 22 11:13:07 EDT 2010

> Also note that the Dextrose images have the gnome accessibility virtual keyboard (enable it from the My Settings control panel). Its visual theme is not very Sugar like, but I think it may be a better choice as is has all keys available, the vkbd seems more for casual phone type messaging use (missing lots of symbols you would need if you wanted to do a programming type task, even missing some basic maths characters). I'm not sure how well the gnome virtual keyboard is to localise, that would be rather critical to make sure it works easily for many language keyboards.
There are a couple of other use cases and functionality we should
probably start discussing early on.

Do we want to enable Google's Swype technology?  I have done no
research on this, and am not even sure it is has an open source
license.  It would make text input much easier when the tablet is
being held 9x16, or whatever the final long dimension is.

Word completion.  This is obviously a time saver for inputting text
via an on-screen keyboard.  In a learning environment this is also a
big cheat/crutch.  Do we have an administrative on/off switch?

Just some thoughts I wanted to add to the keyboard discussion.


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