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Hi Narendra,

On 21 Sep 2010, at 05:56, Narendra Sisodiya wrote:

> Is anybody working on Onscreen Keyboard or related stuff on Sugar ?
> also what is the current status and how I can contribute.
> We got some success to bring Sugar on ARM tablets[1]. now we are
> exploring more. need suggestion too

As per Tomeu's email, Sayamindu had done the most investigation in this area I think. He implemented mobins fvkbd ( as an experiment in Sugar. Here's the .iso he made with it added in (virtual keyboard device icon is in the frame):

There is a screen cast of it at:

And the feature wiki page is at:

Also note that the Dextrose images have the gnome accessibility virtual keyboard (enable it from the My Settings control panel). Its visual theme is not very Sugar like, but I think it may be a better choice as is has all keys available, the vkbd seems more for casual phone type messaging use (missing lots of symbols you would need if you wanted to do a programming type task, even missing some basic maths characters). I'm not sure how well the gnome virtual keyboard is to localise, that would be rather critical to make sure it works easily for many language keyboards.


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