Cursory Test of XO 1.0/ 10.1.2 release

James Cameron quozl at
Tue Sep 21 17:59:39 EDT 2010

On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 12:13:33PM -0700, Cherry Withers wrote:
> Build : 852
> Sugar: 0.84.16
> Firmware: Q2E45
> Update method - online olpc-update
> Issue 1: Browse not running
> - When I click the icon from home, it looks like Sugar launches it
> because I get the flashing globe icon on my screen. However, it never
> does. I get the icon on the bottom of my XO symbol on home but not on
> the list of running activities on top of the frame.

Given that you used olpc-update, and you didn't mention the sequence of
install and update operations previous to that, the configuration of the
laptop would be difficult to reproduce.

I did test several times the use of Browse upgraded from 8.2.1 to
10.1.2, and was satisfied with it.

So I think this issue could only be resolved with diagnosis.  Here's a
few questions to get you started:

1.  what version of Browse is currently installed?  What I expect is
Browse-108 if it has been successfully updated using Software Update,

2.  in Software Update, what is the activity group set to?  Take care to
scroll the tiny window or enlarge the "Modify activity groups" area.
What I expect is or

3.  does the Browse log give any hint of the cause?  (Don't bother with
this unless the Browse version is 108 ... the version on 8.2.1 is
certainly not going to work, and this is covered in the release notes

> Issue 2: Groundhog day moment with non-existing activities
> -- Naturally because I thought my Browse activity is of an older
> version, I went to "Software Update". It looks for current activities
> but doesn't included Browse as one of those that needed updating.
> HOWEVER, it does show me 5 activities that I don't see on my list of
> installed activities that seemed to need updating:
> G1G1Lite Activities:
> Biology - New version 9 (size 4MB)
> JamendoMusic - New version 5 (6.8MB)
> WikiBooks - New version 8 (6.7MB)
> WikisliceChemistry-en - New Version 8 (4.4MB)
> WorldDigitalLibrary - New version 5 (15.6MB)

These are all content collections, not activities.  There are nine (9)
mentioned on the activity group page, but only five (5) are identified
by your laptop.  That's curious.

> I press "Install selected" and it goes through the motion of updating
> these 5. The next time around when I click on "Software Update" (or
> just click the "refresh" button) again, the same 5 with the same
> version shows up again and again and again.
> Anyone else seen these oddities?
> Regards,
> Cherry

James Cameron

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